Ingrid Ducmanis

Creative Director


I’m an award-winning Creative Director, based in New York City. I create integrated campaigns, interactive brand engagement experiences and strong, motivated creative teams. Fluent in all marketing channels with a deep background in digital, I have the conceptual muscle to come up with the idea, the guts to champion it, the smarts to sell it, and the experience to make it work. So let’s make something happen.

Making Advertising that Works

For 15 years I’ve been creating brand campaigns and experiences that delight consumers and deliver results. I care about both sides of the equation: the creative integrity of the work and its effectiveness. Fantastic creative that fails to deliver on the client’s objectives isn’t successful, no matter how much it amuses us to watch it. Or create it. Quite simply, to be truly good it has to work. So that’s what I do.


Nikon Picturetown | Creative Lead/Digital

Gold Pencil
Web Sites: Community Driven 2008


London International Awards
Silver Winner Electronics 2008

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Cannes Lions
Bronze Promo & Activation Lion 2008

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Clio Awards
Shortlist: Content & Contact, Personal Products 2008

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New York Festivals
Silver, Best Microsite 2008

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D&AD Professional Awards
In Book, Websites 2008

Nikon D80/Stunning Nikon| Team Member/Digital

Cannes Lions
Cyber Lion Finalist 2007

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FWA Site of the Day
January 6, 2007


New England Film & Video Festival

Art Director
Best of Festival 1995

730 Grove Street
directed by Benjamin Goldman
Who I am

An inspiring leader and kick-ass creative.

What I do

Make cool stuff. Rally the troops. Keep it on the rails.

Why I do it

Because I love it. And I’m good at it.           *

True creative leadership

Among advertising creatives, being a genuinely good manager is a skill that is often undervalued. But one of my greatest strengths is that I am a true creative leader. I’m adept at getting to know each of my team members and figuring out how to help them do their best work. I foster a healthy creative atmosphere while keeping things on-brief. Every team I have joined wound up happier, more motivated and doing better work than they were before I got there. This is a track record of which I am exceedingly proud and eager to continue.

Emerging technologies

I have a huge crush on new technologies and innovation of all kinds. This is important because if you don’t genuinely love the tech landscape, it gets away from you. It changes that fast. But I have more than a decade of experience coming up with ideas that marry emerging technologies with client objectives in new and exciting ways. I’m not one to use a new technology just because it’s new—strategy is still king. But I can promise I know what’s going on out there and, because it’s a true passion, I always will.

Smart channel integration

When it comes to integrated advertising campaigns and brand experiences, there’s no such thing as one size fits all. As the digital, social and mobile landscapes become ever more complex, and more and more content competes for our attention, the days of interruptive and display advertising are numbered. We not only have to choose the right channels, but use them strategically and in concert to give consumers something of real value in exchange for their time and attention.

Ingrid is an excellent creative director who can artfully combine her strength in brand development with the power of digital and technology to create significant results. She is a pleasure to work with and knows how to build a loyal and motivated team.
Rosanne Johnson, Global Director, Digital | Rosanne managed Ingrid indirectly at Red Fuse Communications
Ingrid and I worked closely together at Red Fuse, advancing the notion of integration wherever possible. She immerses herself in the emerging technologies of the day and understands their impact on the online experience. She is a passionate voice for all things digital and challenges brands to stay relevant to their customers in a constantly evolving world.
Ryan Hose, VP, Creative Director at Red Fuse Communications | Ryan worked directly with Ingrid at Red Fuse Communications
Ingrid is one of the most brilliant and interesting creatives I have ever worked with. What is remarkable is her ability to link up the latest technological innovations that ultimately help feed into the larger brand story. It was great to work with someone who understood the long term vision of where the brands needed to go, and was not just getting enamored with the newest shiny object. That said, Ingrid is very plugged into everything happening in the digital space and her refined palate for creative technology means she is able to immediately spot the players we needed to be partnering with.
Mudit Jaju, Digital & Data Partner at MEC | Mudit worked with Ingrid at Red Fuse Communications
You probably haven't worked with anyone like Ingrid, and that's too bad. For a team leader, she's got the right mix of skills and personality. Ingrid is tech-savvy in a way that puts your 12-year-old nephew to shame. It seems like she's always just read about some new digital trend the night before that helps bring inspiration to the current day's work. As an added bonus, she's really cool. She hangs out with the team, laughs and works with us, and genuinely cares about our well-being. The funny thing is her nurturing traits might just be what makes it so easy for her to develop brands. She sees the brand's heart. I owe a lot to her for my growth in the field, my skills and my confidence. Thank you, Ingrid!
Brandon McCoy, Senior Copywriter & Community Manager | Brandon reported to Ingrid at Red Fuse Communications




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